Online Marketing in Lynchburg Virginia

Online Marketing in Lynchburg

localAs you know from a previous post, marketing in Lynchburg or on the internet in general can be a challenge. As a small business owner you have enough things to keep you busy aside from learning the ins-and-outs of marketing your business online.

The main reason most owners even have a website is for marketing purposes, or so they think. The problem is that no one knows you exist, at least online. You use your site to market yourself, but you must actually market your site, kind of a catch-22 huh?

Believe it or not, this is not as hard as you may think, but you still do have to get visitors to your site. Right now you may have your website on your business cards, invoices, vehicles and signage, but what about search results? Now SEO (search engine optimization) doesn’t have to be some great mystery. It is really not that difficult to target people looking for you or your products & services.

Most of us here in Central Virginia, or just in Lynchburg, rely on local traffic for our business. So if you are a plumber for example, using the keyword “plumbing” is totally useless. It’s a great word, but you won’t get squat for traffic because your site will be muddled in with the million other pages. Now “Lynchburg plumber”, or “central Virginia plumber” is a more TARGETED keyword phrase. Granted, the number of searches for these exact terms will be considerably less, but these are your customers, not some guy in Salinas California!

For me, the first step to online marketing is developing your site knowing that it will be working as just another marketing tool in your arsenal. Build a marketing plan around your site, and now you are in business.

So correct keywords, and a marketing plan on how to use your site is crucial. Let’s say you have a site up now. I will send you a million visitors all from your local area. Now what? What does your site do? Does it sell the visitor or is it just a placeholder or an over-sized digital business card? Does your site have the ability to convert these visitors into customers? Do you have a way to communicate with these visitors?

These are just questions of course, but they are important ones. Your online marketing strategy needs to account for this. Converting visitors into customers is essential. Communicating with these visitors is also important, and your site should be set up to do so!

Lynchburg for example is not that big of a city, at least as far as the internet goes. Getting on page one of Google for terms that people are actually typing in to find you is actually fairly easy, with the right plan of attack. Yes, you could advertise in local papers, fliers, brochures, classifieds, etc, but again, if people come to your site, what does your site do to “sell” them on your business?

Just food for thought.


Jim Spence says:

Monday I was searching for sites related to Marketing and specifically targeted online marketing and I found your site.

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