List-building like Michael Phelps in Rio

rio-1579480_640-PixabayWow! Michael Phelps is a beast!

In his five Olympic games he has accumulated twenty-three gold medals with the 2016 games in Rio having been arguably his best effort to date at age thirty-one.

But what really make Michael Phelps special is how he has handled setbacks and adversity throughout his career and emerged a winner.

Did you know that when he was young he was fearful of putting his face in the water? He was diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager. He was the youngest male Olympian the United States had ever had at age 15 in the 2000 games and he did not medal at that meet.

For many of us that would have probably been it, but not for Phelps. Four years later in the Athens games he took a total of 8 medals. After his success in Athens he began to show signs of self destructive behavior getting a DUI and serving 18 months probation.

The 2008 Olympic games in Beijing produced 8 gold medals. After that success he again showed signs of problems personally with recreational drug use. The 2012 games produced only a mere 6 medals. This is when Phelps retired, called it quits. Yeah, right…

In 2015 Phelps got his second DUI conviction and was banned from swimming for 6 months, he checked himself into an inpatient rehab. Things weren’t looking to good for the most decorated Olympian of all time. He avoided jail time by agreeing to 18 months of supervised probation. He only had about 12 months to prepare for Rio.

Well if you are alive today you have most certainly heard about Michael Phelps’ success at the Rio games. His God given talent is really remarkable but if Michael Phelps would have let adversity stand in his way he could have missed the greatest period in his life.

The Lesson Here: Never Give Up!

If you haven’t had success building your list or you’ve built unresponsive list in the past, don’t give up. Your list is the primary way you are going to earn money online. It is the most important thing you need to master in order to be successful in your online business.

Think of what might have happened to Michael Phelps had he just quit after his first Olympic games. The same is true for you. Building a list of responsive subscribers can be a lot of work. You need to create a good lead magnet, you will need to write compelling emails that offer value but it can be done. Thousands of people have successfully done it and are doing it and so can you.

Don’t Be a Quitter

Buckle down and start today to build a list of raving fans that anticipate your messages and eagerly buy your stuff. This is the foundation for everything you will or will not achieve online. I built 3 websites before I started on my first list. Don’t make that mistake. If you master this one area of online business you will be more than halfway home.

As silly as it sounds, coming up with email subject lines was a big sticking point with me. Once I came up with a great subject line writing a compelling email became much easier. Anticipating that you could have the same sticking point, I’m providing you with 50 terrific email subject line templates to help you out. These are some of my favorites and guaranteed to get great open rates. Just click here or the image below to download these right now.

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