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You Won’t Believe What That Lyin’ Guru Said This Time

I woke up this morning and sat down to check my email to find my inbox is stuffed with crap like this …

  • lyinguruBuild a 6-7 Figure Consulting Biz via Email? …
  • They made $4,770,167.62 doing this…
  • [DEAL OF THE WEEK] Affiliate Commissions in 8 Minutes? …
  • He Made 100 Bucks in 7 Mins w/ this Software…
  • LIVE: Turn 10 bucks into 100 everyday

I know you get them too. I wish someone would have the balls just to tell the truth every once in a while.

How can these lyin’ gurus sleep at night? Crap! That’s all they’re peddling is crap. They must think I’m some kind of fool or something.

But Wait …true

What if …

The Gurus were telling the truth?

The fact is that many of these marketers are telling you the truth. They just aren’t telling you the whole story or maybe they have but you haven’t been listening.

You see, there are gurus out there killing it online. They just happen to have something that most people trying to make money on the internet don’t have.

No, it isn’t ..

  • superior intelligence
  • drive
  • technical experience
  • or money

It’s none of those things …

So what is it Len? Please tell …

It’s ….. (wait for it) ….

What? Did I read that right?

Yep …

This is the way that most internet marketers do it. But it’s the wrong way to do business. I built a few lists like this starting out and they weren’t worth the time, money or trouble it took to build them. I wound up frustrated and disillusioned with this whole internet marketing…. scam! – I told you I was frustrated.

What you want is a hyper targeted list of people who are really interested in what your business is about. For example, Ask First Marketing is focused on list-building and email marketing.

I know that the money is not in the list but the relationship I have with my list and I am passionate about sharing that with other people.

By building your list this way you don’t need a huge list. Smaller is better and more profitable.

You see, I only want people on my list that are interested in building a email marketing business done right. People who see the value in having a list of raving fans. People who respect the people on their list and treat them like friends and valued customers.

I don’t want people calling me the lying Guru and my guess is that neither do you.

I’m no longer interested in the churn and burn list-building style that I tried to make work for years with little to show for it.

If this describes you, if you want to take email marketing to the next level you can sign up to receive more information by clicking the graphic below and get as a bonus my 50 Email Subject Line Formulas.


I encourage you to take a look at doing email marketing a different way, a better way. Anyone can achieve the results that the gurus talk about if they have a list of loyal customers. It’s time to stop with the internet hype and start building a business you can be proud of.








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